We offer the following services:

  • As Asset Managers, the H&D Group is responsible for the management of investments. The main goal of which is to create value by directing and measuring asset performance. H&D will develop and execute a long-term strategic plan for the client’s assets and properties. However, H&D can also provide short-term plans and services for the purpose of liquefying assets. The group can also act as the owner’s representative or portfolio manager in the disposition of properties.

    The group’s end goal is to provide the maximum return at minimum cost for asset owners.

  • The H&D Group also provide actual building and property management covering the day-to-day operations and management of the building or condominium which may also include marketing, leasing and retail operations, budget preparation, utility services management, general services, building maintenance and the whole aspect of building administration.

  • We offer an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control. H&D Group provides a wholistic and integrated pest management program that will protect the client’s premises against the presence and intrusion of crawling and flying insects and related pests.

    General Pest Control

    Crawling Insect Control
    Flying Insect Control
    Rodents Control

    Termite Control


    • Household/Residential • Commercial • Offices • Institutional • Warehouse • Resorts

  • The range for this service includes the rendering of property management consultancy in all areas of property development and building administration. H&D provides expert advice starting from the conceptualization stage of property development, drawing of engineering plans and specifications, to hand-over stage and the selection process of building management.

    Aside from consultancy, this service may also include overseeing function over the building and property management firm or team. This service is very important to property developers and owners because they immediately benefit from the savings in initial cost, enhanced image, and in the long term through focused operations and reduced maintenance cost.